Cyberbullying: First-aid Plan:

Aggression in the schoolyard, dirty tricks behind your back – teasing is almost as old as school itself. But it happens online too, and that’s called cyberbullying. It is not always easy to see where and how it starts.
The really mean thing about it is you can’t always recognize it as cyberbullying at first glance, or who’s really behind it - unlike in the schoolyard or your youth club.
But there are many ways to do something about cyberbullying. It’s best to discuss them together with your family. Use the First-aid Plan to talk about cyberbullying in depth with useful statements. Mark the statements that mean the most to you and think about how to recognize cyberbullying and what to do in an emergency. You can simply print out the First-aid Plan, fold it and post it on a pinboard or on the fridge. Then you’ve always got it ready, just in case.

First-aid Plan

Here you can download the First-aid Plan “Cyberbullying on Social Networks,” print it out and fill it in by hand.

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