Preventing bullying

It used to be that bullies only hung out in the schoolyard. Today, the insults can go flying online and have very negative consequences. Anyone can potentially be a victim of cyber-harassment. With the right knowledge on how embarrassing data gets posted online, however, people can protect themselves against cyber-bullies.
If you don’t feel quite safe or you’re unsure about some media, talk to an adult at your school. Many schools and youth centres offer workshops where you can learn how to be media savvy. Savvy means know all about it, wanna get savvy? Let’s do it!
Tips on how you can protect yourself from cyber-harassment
Pay attention to whom and how you communicate via mobile phone and Internet. Be nice and be fair. If you get bullied online, don’t back down. Turn to a person you trust to find a solution to the problem.
Secure the evidence of the bullying incident. Take screenshots of the message that the bully sent you (on a PC hit the “Print” button on the keyboard [shift + apple/cmd + 3 for Mac]). Block that person to avoid getting any more mean messages.
Victims of harassment and bullying act different and may seem like they have a lot on their mind. If you notice such behaviour from a friend, talk to them or tell a teacher about it.
Not without my mobile! Sure, you take it everywhere. But in certain places at certain times, such as in the classroom, it’s got to stay in the pocket. In your school, there are surely rules and behaviour guidelines that ensure safe mobile use. It’s a way to limit cyber-bullying.