Are you a mobile case?!

Your phone is your loyal companion. Whether on the playground, at home or meeting with friends, it’s always there with you everywhere.
But have you ever noticed that constantly looking at your phone bothers other people? If you’re always looking at your display, you don’t see what’s happening around you. We have collected many useful tips for you to help when to know your phone is best left in your pocket.
If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to being a pro in mobile phone use.
You don’t need to answer every single mobile message immediately. And don’t press others to answer you right away either.
You can avoid being grounded from your phone and in generally avoid controversy about your mobile use, if you reach a clear agreement with your parents.
You don’t need to take pictures of everything that you could document. Just leave your phone in your pocket from time to time and enjoy experiencing with all of your senses.
Most people are bothered when they meet friends who are always fiddling with their phones. Lead the way by example and leave your mobile phone in its case, even if it’s only once, when hanging out with your friends.
Leave your phone at home once in awhile. It is not alive and it’s not part of you. You can be stronger than the fear of missing out.
Sometimes it’s just easier to make a quick call than forever texting back and forth.