Kid reporters

How many messages do children send with their mobile phone every day? Do children from other countries also use the same media? What’s the funnest thing about surfing the Internet? There are many questions in our digital world. And much to discover. The kid reporters at SCROLLER are out pounding the pavement for you – chasing down exciting topics.
It’s especially important to find out what other kids think about the various topics. Because children’s opinions and voices could one day be the answers of the future.
The kid reporters will be out and about at different places for each new issue of SCROLLER. Equipped with plenty of curiosity, they ask other kids questions. And they can sometimes even explain difficult topics in simple ways from their point of view.
You want to discover something new?
Are you curious and want to go out and find out about some exciting topic as a kid reporter for SCROLLER? Then talk to your parents and simply write an email to the SCROLLER editor:
We look forward to hearing from you.