Data security

Download a new app or register on a social network: Already you’ve left a digital trace of yourself. Often without realizing it. The most important thing is that you realize how valuable your private information is and how you can protect it. Then you’ll be on the right track to becoming a data expert.
A strong password consists of at least 8 characters, upper- and lowercase letters, symbols and digits. The best thing is to use a memory help with a sentence, for example: “Tomorrow at 7 it’s time for training!” That makes the password: Ta7iTfT!
Only use strong passwords. It’s best if you have different passwords and change them regularly. So you can better protect your data.
Address, date of birth, or hobbies: Be very careful about disclosing this personal information.
If you receive messages with attachments and do not know the sender, then just delete them. Attachments in such messages often hide viruses or programs that can cause a lot of damage.
If you see a sweepstakes, which supposedly you can win if you just fill out a form with personal data: Beware! You better talk to your family about it first.
Is your personal data important to you? Others too! Be fair and consider exactly what information or photos of others you share or post.
Check from time to time what you can find out about yourself on the Internet. Then you’ll always know what others can learn about you.