Your First Mobile

A cell phone is a great thing. You can do so much cool stuff: chat with friends or listen to your favorite music.
But, did you know that it’s not OK to post pictures of your friends without asking? There are lots of things that you have to look out for when using a cellular or smartphone. We’ve put together the most important things right here for you.
Let your parents show you exactly how to use your mobile and check with them to make sure all the important security and youth protection features are activated.
Install and try out new apps, games or online offers for the first time together with your parents.
Let your parents explain to you which phone functions cost money to use and how much.
Make an agreement with your parents when you are allowed to use your phone and when it’s not OK (like during family dinners or while doing your homework).
If you experience bullying or see someone else getting bullied, get an adult’s help. And pay special attention not to hurt others’ feelings or bully them in any way.
Make sure to ask someone before taking his or her picture and posting or sharing it. Only click if they agree. And the same goes for you. No pictures if you don’t want.
If you see an image or video or get a message that scares you or that you don’t understand, show your parents and talk to them about it.
Let your parents explain to you how ads are shown in apps or on websites and how you should react to them.