Your beautiful photo book

A photo book is a great thing: Photos that get printed and glued together are all the more special. It’s a great idea for a present, don’t you think?
Here we show you how you can make a great photo book with a few tools and a little skill. Just follow our instructions step by step and see how to create your own photo book. Of course, you should get your photos ready by picking which ones you want to paste in your photo book. Let’s go!
Two to three sheets of colored cardboard (at least A3 size) for the cover and accordion, glue, colored tape, scissors, ruler.
First cut the cardboard for the inside into long strips. You can either cut the whole piece of paper lengthwise in half or you cut the strips to be as high as you think the sides should be.
Now fold the long strips into a zigzag. Make sure that each fold is the same width. This will make up the pages later. To make it easier you can score the fold lines with scissors along the edge of a ruler.
Now attach the folded strips together with colored tape. Attach both the front and the back, then it holds better.
The cover should be slightly wider than the inside, and you can add a little piece that overlaps. Tip: You can cover the inside of the cover with colored paper. Colored tape along the edges will make your book really unique!
Now put both parts, cover and accordion together: Glue the last page of the accordion to the right-hand inside of the cover! Tip: Take a ribbon or a colored rubber band and tie it together.
Your book looks great – but isn’t something missing? Right, the photos! Have fun choosing your pictures, cutting and pasting them in the book. Maybe you can even write something funny in the book.
Your photo book is all done. Aren’t you ready to make another one as a present right away?
How did your photo book turn out?
Is your photo book finished and you still have other great craft ideas? We’re excited! Talk to your parents and send us an email with a picture of your photo book. We will reward the most beautiful ideas with a small surprise and feature it in the next issue of SCROLLER.
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