The right measure

Almost every day there are new and exciting apps for smartphones. Not to mention cool games. And the heroes of the latest cinema hits are on keychains, t-shirts and tote bags.
You just have to get what’s cool and trendy. Don’t you? No really, do you really need all that?
You just downloaded the newest app on your phone, but you can’t find it anywhere? Maybe you have too many apps. Simply clean up and remove apps that you no longer use.
The new game everybody is talking about must be really great. But, it’s also quite expensive. Get the free trial first. Maybe you don’t like the game that much after all and you can save some money.
Old toys, consoles or DVDs – many things that you don’t need anymore might still work fine.You could organize a flea market or just a toy exchange for old versus new. But make sure you ask your parents first!
Plastic shopping bags are rubbish and harmful to nature. Suggest to your family that each one of you should carry around your own cotton tote bag. These can be washed and used again, and that protects the environment.
A crack in your smartphone display? Controller broken? That’s no reason to throw them away! Many cities are home to repair cafes where you can get help repairing broken electronics. This helps to avoid unnecessary waste.