wuzup? or what's up?

The SCROLLER kid reporters have been out pounding the pavement again and asked around about social networking.
They met Elisabeth, Louis, Paul and Thea, 5th graders at a Berlin elementary school. The four of them were coming out of their project day “Out and About Online” – so of course, the kid reporters had to interview them.
Kid reporters: As our survey of your class shows, you use YouTube and WhatsApp above all. What draws you to these apps?
Elisabeth:With WhatsApp I can quickly share with others in a group or chat to others. It’s better than calling them, because I can’t send pictures during a phone call. On YouTube you can find videos about everything, even to help with homework.
Louis: I think it’s good to post pictures and watch videos. And that you can share things with others.
Paul: I think so too. In the group chat for my class, I can find all the stuff I need to know.

Kid reporters: When you’re writing to each other, do you use smileys or abbreviations?
Elisabeth: I like using voice messages. You don’t have to do anything. But it depends: Sometimes I use lots of smileys, sometimes more abbreviations, like “wuzup?”. That means: “What’s up?”
Thea: When I text I write :O. That’s a smiley too, when you turn your phone sideways.
Louis: I use “nm”- that means: “Not much.”

Kid reporters: Or “nevermind.” It probably depends on when you write it. Do you sometimes fight you in your chats? I’ve been insulted before. Even though I didn’t do anything to the person who wrote it. We fought for a bit, then when class started he suddenly insulted me.
The interview in SCROLLER
You can read the whole interview and many more exciting stories, puzzles and tips can be found in our first edition of SCROLLER. Download the issue here directly!

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