Craft your own case

Almost everyone has one. But no one has yours! Following our short guide, you can craft your own mobile phone case in a few short steps. It not only protects your mobile from scratches – it looks really great too.
You probably have most of what you need at home already, so go check. You need a pen, fabric (felt is the best), a sewing needle, paper, wool, some pins, a ruler, scissors and rubber band.
Draw the outline of your phone on a sheet of paper. Then you have to enlarge the outline on all four sides – by the exact thickness of your phone. Then you cut out the template.
Now place the paper template on the fabric and trace the outline. Then you carefully cut out the fabric along the outline.
Take the front as a template for the back. Outline it and cut it out.
Cut the rubber band to be twice as long as the fabric. Now slide both loose ends between the pieces of fabric, about a half a centimeter deep.
Place the front and back right on top of each other. Attach the two sides with needles so that they do not slip. Then firmly sew both ends of the rubber band to the bottom.
Now you only need to sew everything together. Your homemade phone case is complete!
But, of course, it could be even better. Go ahead and decorate your phone case with a few extras. Beads, ribbon and colorful fabrics – you be the designer!
Your case is in demand!
Do you already have a great idea for what your case should look like? Then go ahead – send us pictures of your handiwork and the finished artwork to:
The most beautiful and creative cases will be rewarded with a small surprise!