A quick way back home via the Internet

This time the SCROLLER kid reporters went to a refugee home in Berlin-Köpenick. Because at the moment many children are coming to Germany who have had to flee from their home country. Some of them also have their very own mobile phone and so they’re quite active.
Often it is their only way to stay in contact with relatives and friends in their home country. For SCROLLER our kid reporters went to talk to with Fariborz and Mohammed. Both children live in the refugee home in Berlin-Köpenick. They learned how these kids got to Germany and how mobile phones can help keep the family together.
Kid reporters: Why did you flee from your home country to Germany?
Mohammed: We left Syria because there is a war there. My parents didn’t want to stay there any longer.
Fariborz: For us, it is better to be in Germany, no matter if we live here in the refugee home or not.

Kid reporters: Does your mobile phone help you maintain contact with your family and friends?
Mohammed: My family is scattered all over the world, for example in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Sweden and Russia. We mostly communicate through Facebook, it’s the mobile app I use the most. I use it to write to my best friend in Damascus. But right now connecting is really tough. I haven’t spoken with him for a whole month now.
Fariborz: My whole family is still in Iran, only my parents and I are here. Sometimes we call each other on our mobiles. I also have friends in Teheran, but we’re not in contact anymore. They don’t even have Internet.

Kid reporters: Do many children have their own phones in your home countries?
Mohammed: Yes, in Syria children have a mobile, if their families have enough money. I have a laptop and a smartphone. And I can do anything I want with them. In addition to Facebook, I send tons of messages. But I almost never play games.
Fariborz: In Iran, not so many kids have a cell phone. When they do, not until they are 10 or 11 years old. Here in Germany, I have a smartphone with credit. I’ve always got it on me so I can call my father. My parents tell me not to spend too much money with my phone.
The interview in SCROLLER
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